Service & Refill for your Lifeline fire suppression system.

It is important to note that fire extinguisher systems should be serviced every 2 years, must be no more than 10 years old and in a serviceable condition (no dents or gouges) with a service history of no more than 4 years since the last service. Tick all those boxes and we can help you.

The steps involved at the Questmead Sales & Service Centre:

  • Place the order for your chosen system. *
  • We will arrange collection free of charge. **
  • When received we will acknowledge receipt and inspect. ***
  • If possible we will then service your system and refill with new extinguishant.
  • We will securely package and return to you on a tracked carrier service.
  • We will remind you two months before your next service is due.

* If you are unsure of what system you have, please take a picture of your bottle, the service label and email it to or chat with us through our Facebook page ( ** If you live outside of mainland UK there may be some incurred costs in collection. We will contact you if this is the case. *** Should your system require further work or is un-serviceable, we will advise before continuing.

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
service-201-100-006 0.6ltr Alcohol Foam BM Service... 201-100-006-S £15.84
service-201-100-001 1.0ltr AFFF Hand Held Service... 201-100-001-S £15.78
service-175lt-hh 1.75ltr AFFF HH Service... 201-100-002-S £17.34
service-24lt-hh 2.4ltr AFFF HH Service... 201-100-003-S £18.78
service-101-225-001 Z2000 2.25ltr Club FM Service... 101-225-001-S £41.22
service-101-225-004 Z2000 2.25ltr Electric Service... 101-225-004-S £53.28
service-101-225-002 Z2000 2.25ltr FM Service... 101-225-002-S £41.22
service-slimline Z2000 2.25ltr FM Slimline... 101-225-003-S £41.22
service-101-337-002 Z2000 3.375ltr Electric DC... 101-337-002-S £72.72
service-101-337-004 Z2000 3.375ltr Electric FC... 101-337-004-S £58.02
service-101-337-001 Z2000 3.375ltr FM Flow Control... 101-337-001-S £53.28
service-106-001-002 Z2000 4.0ltr Electric Service... 106-001-002-S £63.48
service-102-400-003 Z2000 4.0ltr Electric Service... 102-400-003-S £63.48
service-102-400-002 Z2000 4.0ltr FM Mechanical Alu... 102-400-002-S £56.22
service-102-400-001 Z2000 4.0ltr FM Mechanical... 102-400-001-S £56.22
service-360-mech Z2000 4.0ltr FM Service... 106-001-001-S £56.22
service-102-312-001 Z2000 Electric DC Service... 102-312-001-S £72.72
service-101-225-006 Z2000 Electric Slimline Service... 101-225-006-S £42.24
service-275 Z275 Service... 105-001-013-S £234.00
service-207-101-004 Z360 1.0kg Novec 1230 Belt HH... 207-101-004-S £83.16

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